A hostel is away from home live to learn and learn to live. Stay in the hostel is encouraged to meet the requirements of the course both academic and clinical. The hostel is having Well-furnished and equipped rooms, Clean and quite hostel environment is provided which facilitate the student to make the preparations of the course in a meaningful manner. There are separate study and recreational rooms. All the indoor and outdoor sports materials are made available in our hostel. There is a separate hostel for males and females. As a part of providing pure and safe drinking water, water purifiers and water coolers have also been installed.


To make the facility of the students and staff who are going for the clinical as well as community clinical field experience of various places, very smooth and ease, the college and also trust provides Bus transportation for batter teaching learning experience for the students.

Sport Complex

Sound Mind in Sound Body” is the ideal that we have always kept before us. Our chief aim is that students should not only be trained academically but also they should have time for extra-curricular activities like sports. For new-comers sports and cultural related activities work like a magic and eradicate the feeling of homesickness. It enhances the virtues like team spirit and brotherhood among them. It is through such activities only, that they can keep themselves healthy and retain their enthusiasm and spirit throughout their study. Adjacent to the hostel buildings, there is a spacious playground. Sports activities are also a part of the academic calendar of MICS, which enhance virtues of brotherhood, co-operation, patience and sportsmanship among the students. A variety of grounds, tracks and field games have been prepared for playing different games.